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Sugarcane Fields in Bauple Queensland

Connecting Neighbours in Bauple Queensland: Your Friendly Local Community

The Bauple Progress Association Inc. is a passionate group of locals who are dedicated to making Bauple Queensland a great place to live, work and visit & we are always looking for new ways to promote our town & progress our community & infrastructures.  We invite you to join us & help us to build a better future for our town and its people.

The current BPA committee took on their roles on 14th February 2023, to ensure members & the wider community could experience as many benefits living in Bauple as possible.

Whilst establishing our presence in the community & learning the ropes to operate within guidelines of an Associated Incorporation i Queensland, we have been busy doing many things!  


  • Gathering information to update the Bauple Community Development Plan, with the input of as many residents as possible. 

  • Organising community events to engage with children and adults alike.  

  • Importantly addressing key issues identified by members of the community as they arise, with F.C.R.C. 

  • Maintaining a relationship with DTMR to communicate the impact & knock on effect of the proposed Tiaro Bypass to our residents.

  • Applying for grants to bring new and beneficial experiences to residents in the district.

  • Having a presence at other community groups events - joining with and offering support as they identify any needs where we can assist.

Genuinely trying to create the best opportunities for all in Bauple, working together as a country community does.  We are not looking to change what's working, but as time marches forward, peoples needs and abilities change, maintenance and upkeep have to be addressed and there is always an opportunity for improvement for the many people who live here!

We are about to embark on the long overdue process of updating the Community Development Plan for all residents within the Bauple District.  We invite as many of you as possible, to get a good cross-section of the community and we will HEAR and LISTEN to your voices and what is identified as the most important things for the future of Bauple.  The information will be collated with further opportunity for feedback and to create an action plan to present to F.C.R.C.


Taking on all of these projects has been a big task as we are all volunteers, with most working full-time, or running their own businesses. Our mission has been to provide opportunities and experiences and build relationships within the community, as in order to make meaningful and useful progress for Bauple in as many areas as possible, we need many residents to identify what those needs are!!!

Leave it to us, or other community groups and you get what we think!  This is your chance to tell us what you want!

We are doing our absolute best with with only six of us, to achieve goals no matter how small they may seem, as they are all important things as identified by residents and when added together, we are still making progress in the right direction!

We are hoping to gain the support of others in the community who also value working toward positive goals for Bauple and we would welcome support in any capacity, big or small.  Please contact us if you would like to assist in some way.

The BPA Great Bauple Bear Hunt Family Free Picnic and BBQ
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