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Sat, 12 Aug


Bauple Rec Grounds, Q150 Building

Change of location: 'Tai Chi Internal Arts' - One Day Introductory Workshop

CHANGE OF LOCATION - The Tai Chi Workshop in Bauple has changed locations. Now at Q150 Building, Bauple Rec Grounds, 12 Forestry Rd, Bauple. We now have a few places open for last minute bookings. Be quick! Lunch and refreshments are included. $10

Registration is closed
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Change of location: 'Tai Chi Internal Arts' - One Day Introductory Workshop
Change of location: 'Tai Chi Internal Arts' - One Day Introductory Workshop

Time & Location

12 Aug 2023, 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Bauple Rec Grounds, Q150 Building, 18 Forestry Rd, Bauple QLD 4650, Australia

About the event

It is a privilidge to host a team of  Tai Chi Internal Arts, Qualified Instructors from around Queensland to Bauple, where you will have the opportunity to become fully immersed in the flow of energy, with genuine Yang style Tai Chi.

This is an introductory workshop to teach a basic set of movements, of the 85 full body dynamic moves possible.

Don't worry, you won't be expected to be doing Tai Chi all day long!  There will be plenty of breaks where you can watch the instructors demonstrating and teaching the technical aspects and the history of the artform.

Please arrive at 8.30am for a 9am start.

Lunch will be provided, along with refershments.   All you need to bring is your water bottle!

It is recommended to wear comfy, 'easy to move in' clothing and supportive shoes with minimal grip. (Something like a tennis shoe is ideal).

Once the day is complete and you've got a good understanding of the principles and 'feel' of Yang style Tai Chi, the aim is for weekly classes to commence in Bauple, one evening each week.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in any classes (there is a class in Maryborough) or upcoming workshops held in Queensland, Western Australia, or New Zealand.  The next full day workshop will be held at the Sunshine Coast on 6th September for those interested at a cost of $30.  Bookings a must!

Yang style Tai Chi is a full body and breathing exercise, aiming for body alignment, strength and balance.  It is best described as 'a moving meditation'.  With feet engaged on the floor helping to push your arms out, an energy force pushes through the spine creating a mindful softness.  When you become comfortable with the moves and flow of energy, you feel a sense of wellness gaining physical improvements, energised and yet relaxed with a mental calmness at the same time.

Suitable for all ages and physical abilities (children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)

There are a limited amount of subsidised tickets available at $10 per person, with thanks to the Fraser Coast Regional Council's Well-being and Resilience Grant.    Food and refreshements as decribed above!  



Please deposit the $10


Commonwealth Bank

Bauple Progress Assoc Inc

BSB: 06 4421

ACC: 1047 8476

Please use your name as the reference (so we can match the payments to the bookings)


A registration  form must be completed, signed and returned along with payment, before the commencement of the workshop.

Any child in attendance, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

An opportunity for all locals to participate in a 1 day Tai Chi Workshop. Tai Chi Internal Arts teaches genuine 85 move Yang style Tai Chi, Shibashi Qigong and Lok Hup Ba Fa.  These three disciplines are the perfect companions to improve flexibility and balance, decrease stress, increase energy and have a healing effect on the functionality of internal organs and bodily systems. Through breath, movements and focus, Tai Chi is a described as a slow moving mediation, also bringing a sense of calm to the mind. It is suited to men and women of all physical abilities (can be done seated in a chair, with feet on the floor) and all are welcome to attend. A team of professional instructors from all around Queensland are coming to Bauple, to spend the day teaching and demonstrating, with a view to hold ongoing weekly classes. To take part for the full day, (including lunch and refreshments), will only cost $10 per person, as the event is kindly being subsidised by Fraser Coast Regional Council.  The workshop will be held at the Bauple Band Hall in Bauple arrive at 8.30am, for a 9am sharp start. There are limited places for the workshop, so you MUST register by email (  Further information will then be provided for you to confirm your place.  So at $10, be quick so you don’t miss out! An initiative brought to you by The Bauple Progress Association Inc. for the well-being and resilience of the community.  Sponsored by F.C.R.C. #taichi #taichiqigong #taichiworkshop #bauplefunandfitness #taichibauple

More information for you to read from Tai Chi Internal Arts:


Internal Nature

The most important feature of Tai Chi is the internal nature of the exercise.  Tai Chi is a set of movements using hands, feet and other parts of the body to bring about improved changes in the internal functions of the body as well as achieving external benefits.  The result is better internal bodily functions like bowel movements, deeper breathing and a better body balance through flexible joints.

Tai Chi Principles

There are several principles to follow when practicing Tai Chi.

  • Correct      timing and slowness in movement for connection
  • Movements      are circular and spiralling
  • Movements      are directed by the waist
  • ‘Transitional      elasticity’ – the follow through between moves
  • No ‘double      weightedness’ on the feet
  • Feet      rooted to the ground
  • ‘Song 松’ which      means relaxed but focussed

Whole Body Exercise

Tai Chi is a whole body exercise.  Every movement is linked to the movement of other parts of the body at the same time.  To achieve this, Tai Chi makes use of nine joints in the body known as the nine pearls.  The nine pearls are the nine body joints working together like a string of pearls so that all the joints are interconnected as far as movements are concerned.  Moving one or two joints will move all the others at the same time.  Tai Chi movements are generated by joint rotation and joint extension, rather than by muscles pushing and pulling independently of each other.

The Nine Joints

The nine joints are, from the waist down, foot, ankle, knee and hip joint known as Kua (胯).  Hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder are joints above the waist.  The final ‘joint’ is the waist band, making up nine joints altogether.  The waist band is considered an important joint in Tai chi because it gathers the force or power from the feet, up the leg and expresses out to the hands.  Flexibility of all the joints is very important and must be the aim. Inside the waist band about inch below the navel is the Dantian (丹田).  The Dantian is the engine of the body where internal energy is stored and distributed to the organs and the rest of the body.  Tai Chi generates internal energy which is stored in the Dantian.

The other important joint is the hip joint or the Kua.  The Kua integrates the movements of the upper and lower body.  Without activating the nine joints, particularly the Kua, there is not much Tai Chi energy (qi ) flowing, therefore no Tai Chi.  In Tai Chi circles, this is known as Tai Chi ‘exercise’ or walking Tai Chi.

The Kua also enables the hips and shoulders to stay level, keeps the posture erect as well as protects the knees by keeping the knee, foot and hips stay in alignment.

Meridians ( 经络 )

In Tai Chi practice, meridians are engaged to improve energy circulations.  Meridians are energy highway in our body.  For example the web between the thumb and the index finger is the big intestine meridian, also known as the tiger’s mouth.  When practising Tai Chi, the web is kept slightly stretched to activate the meridian.  The big intestine meridian is a detox meridian in letting go of what is not needed physical as well as emotional.  Activating it can improve alertness and mood.


When practising Tai Chi, focus is necessary and gradually it becomes natural.  Focus means the senses are engaged but the thinking subsides.  Focus also means being present which leads to mindfulness.  The result is a moving meditation when practising Tai Chi.

Qigong ( 气功 )

An integral part of Tai Chi is Qigong without which Tai Chi is incomplete.  Qigong means life force cultivation through breath and movements.  Qigong is a simple short exercise which is built into our Tai Chi program.

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