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Volunteers in Bauple Community

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer in Bauple? Either on a regular basis, or casually as the need arises?  Let us help to connect with the right team, to make the best opportunity of your skillset. 

Our Bauple Volunteering Story

Most of the organisation's in Bauple function because of the generosity of residents who volunteer their time.

As we are quite a small community in numbers, we are always needing more hands to help!

Volunteers are the backbone of Bauple. 

All volunteers work hard at what they do, so Bauple has more to offer for everyone.


As many of the volunteers are either working, and/or running their own businesses, and many have been carrying out their roles for a long time, we are always encouraging those who have an interest in contributing in some way, to come forward.

Volunteers are always welcome and seem to be in a constant short supply!

Therefore, it has been suggested that the BPA Inc. create a pool of casual volunteers, who are willing to be contacted as help is needed. 

In this way, those who cannot commit on a regular basis, can still be appreciated, being on call at a time suitable to their own availability.

Email us telling us your name; what activities interests you; .  

Send us an email with your details and a basic description of what you have experience with or what you would be interested in doing, Anything from handman jobs, gardening, making or delivering meals, taking someone to an appointment, or simply to be company for someone who is experiencing times of feeling lonely. It could be as simple as bringing home milk and bread on your usual trip out, or taking out and bringing in bins each week.  

 Please let us know when  you are most likely to be available to volunteer and what times you are available to be contacted.  We will then try to match volunteers to the right activities/community groups as they are needed.

Whatever your capacity, please let us know how you would benefit from becoming a volunteer in Bauple and if you are interested in becoming a member of our Bauple Progress Association, we would love to welcome you into the fold.  

Many things coming up that should be fun to be involved in!

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